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We are a dental laboratory specializing in provisional components for X-Guide® dental implant procedures.  Our components:

  • create ideal soft tissue emergence profiles for realistic and hygienic final restorations

  • are lab finished single, multi-, or full arch provisionals meant to be inserted at the time of dental implant placement

  • provide patient specific X-Mark® edentulous tracker arm mounts designed to ensure ideal location placement and fixated as to not interfere with dental implant positions

The Workflow to Practice Differentiation



Plan your case in your normal manner in the X-Guide® planning software.



Export your case and upload to us.



We design your requested component, fabricate, and ship back to you.



Like you always do.

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Ensure the implant is aligned in the proper orientation and  insert our component.

Have questions about your case?
Contact us.  We can help.   

Peer Reviewed Techniques and Workflows

Meet The Team

MJH Headshot.jpg

Michael Hartman DMD,MD

President- Hartman Oral and Maxillofacial Sugery


Implant dentistry is really about planning and executing.  A precise plan executed accurately helps ensure I deliver the best results possible for my patients.  I utilize X-Guide to place all of my dental implants so I am confident they are placed in my planned position.  The next level of implant dentistry is creating proper soft tissue profiles starting at the time of implant surgery.  That’s why I started DPT- to help X-Guide users achieve optimal case results with patient-specific provisional components. 

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Brett Ginter

Lab Manager

Implant Dentistry has evolved immensely in my last 25+ years of my experience.  With utilizing the great technologies available to us,  we can construct devices which vastly benefit our patients and clinicians that ultimately improve, the most important thing,  PATIENT CARE.

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