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We design and fabricate patient-specific provisional implant products for improving X-Guide® case outcomes.

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X-Guide® User Testimonials

Robert W. Emery, DDS

Capital Center for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

DPT has developed innovative workflows and products to complement any X-Guide surgery.  Dr. Hartman and Brett understand the restoratively driven implant process and have leveraged the accuracy of X-Guide to create patient-specific provisional products.  These products  develop ideal soft tissue emergence profiles that are inserted at the time of implant placement.

Robert Pauley, DMD

Dental Center of Atlanta

Dr. Michael Hartman and Brett Ginter have really perfected an easy workflow for either an immediate provisional or immediate healing collar.  The upload process is easy, the turn around is timely, and the insertion of the screw retained patient specific healing collar was hand tightened into place with no adjustment necessary.  I appreciate the fact Brett is always available to offer expert advice with my cases, if needed.

Nicholas Cudney, DDS MD

Midwest Oral and  Maxillofacial Surgery

Technology has been seamlessly integrated into our lives.  It would be startling to walk into an accounting office and see a calculator and a pad of paper.  Implant dentistry has undergone a similar transformation with static and dynamic guided surgery.  The tools available through Digital Provisionalization Technologies provide a growing armamentarium for dynamic implant placement that will continue to push implant dentistry into a more predictable and confident future.

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